Of Life and Aikido

We have been asked several times, out of curiosity perhaps on why we both chose to learn and practice Aikido, amongst all other things.

Aikido teaches the harmony of body and spirit, of the yin and yang and of non resistance but going with the flow… while being in one with those who oppose you, or things that oppose you in a harmonious relationship.

Islamic spirituality or tassawuf/sufism teaches all that in a tauhidic way. And as we are both learners of tassawuf and ( trying to ) practice sufism, we found that Aikido reinforces all that perfectly.

So that’s why.

And I am enjoying it really. My sensei has commented while I need more work on my other techniques, I am really good at the sword part ( using the ‘jo’ ). I am not sure whether it is because I still berangan/berfeeling Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, or of the fact that when I was young I loved watching the monkey god in the Journey to the West serial.


3 thoughts on “Of Life and Aikido

  1. Too much ‘promotion’ on this martial art as a fighting expertise nowadays, distracting people from the fact that the real philosophy of it is to enhance the life of the practitioner(s). Thanks for voicing this fact.

  2. I’ve got a question for u CC..
    U think that if push comes to shove, and u are indeed accosted by some ruffians who tell u to hand over your wallet, wud u stand up and fight, or submit to wat they want (provided wat they want does not include any other form of abuse, i.e rape, bodily harm etc)? They just want your money. What would u do?
    This is a question that I sometimes ask exponents of martial arts, because I myself was a practising exponent of a few forms of martial arts in my younger days.
    The thing is, many of them straight away say that they wud stand up and fight, for the honour of their art… But in a one-on-one conversation later on, they wud confess that they wud just give in…

    A genuine question that I ask, not horsing around…

    Just interested to know πŸ™‚

  3. I would give my wallet.
    Remember, aikido, if you learn the philosophy is not offensive, and it is only for defending oneself when attacked. That is why it is not even a competitive sport.

    So if they just ask me for my wallet, I give lah… they are not attacking me, kan? I will give, ask them for a minute to take my IC and the rest boleh ambik. I usually carry less than RM 50 with my anyway. That I can recoup by giving tuition for another week without losing an arm or leg .. heh πŸ˜›

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