Hantu Tetek, Hantu Kom Kom and Little Children

I don’t mean to be crude but I am watching the 3 boys I am homeschooling having their 15 min break. They decided to play hide and seek or ‘menyorok’ in Malay.

Suddenly I had to giggle. I remember, back then in my hometown, in the place I grew up in, Jalan Eunos in front of the ‘tangki air’, the era where there was rampant tales of Hantu Tetek, Hantu Kom Kom, Orang Minyak and what have you in the Malay ghost world. I remembered wanting to play ‘menyorok’ /’sembunyi-sembunyi’ with my childhood friends, Budin and Norman, only to be yelled at by Budin’s elder sister, Zuraida with ‘ Ehhhh tak boleh main sembunyi-sembunyi nanti korang kena tangkap hantu tetek baru tau eh !!!’

Now, this is the tricky part. The image painted on the famous hantu tetek was that of a super buxom-perhaps size triple D material, whose job was to catch children, kidnap them and crush/suffocate them to death in between her ( its? ) cleavage. Oh.. those were the days before the late Anna Nicole Smith made the idea of big boobs appealing. So the idea of a big breasted ghost was perhaps not such an erotic idea, but rather, a scary one for both children and women ( especially- for whatever reason there may be ).

Since then, my gang of childhood friends and I, naive at mere 4 years old— decided not to play hide-and-seek at all, because it was not cool, to us at least to die suffocated in between a ghostly cleavage.

Then there were also talk of the Hantu Kom Kom. We were not allowed to go out of the house during dusk. Maghrib is the time Hantu Kom Kom would come out hopping around and kidnap children. So again, we obeyed and maghrib time was time for washing up and getting out those rehals and muqaddam, for the ‘aaa eee uuu, baa bee buuu, taa tiii tuuu’ ( belajar mengaji ) session.

Looking at these kids now at present times, I think even their parents are not bothered scaring them with any hantu stories. They seem to be afraid of bigger things like war, petrol hikes, no PSP/PS2 to play– you know, the works.

Up to this day, I still wonder how in the whole wide world the Hantu Tetek came about, how the Hantu Kom Kom was coined and how in the whole wide world it could send shivers down my spine at that time. Or the most bizarre thing is, WHY were we, innocent children of that era scared off with such an image. And why the Hantu Tetek and Hantu Kom Kom wanted only children ? They don’t want adults? And why must it be Hantu Tetek? I mean it could be Hantu Hidung or Hantu Mata or Hantu Kaki, Hantu Kepala ( with each I have a mental image of what it may look like..hehe ).. but nooo. It HAD to be erotic. Hence Hantu Tetek it was.

But now, with the fact that Anna Nicole Smith had died, probably the term hantu tetek brings about a whole different perspective, to me at least.



12 thoughts on “Hantu Tetek, Hantu Kom Kom and Little Children

  1. Oh wow! Nice one. Really brought me back to those good old days… where playing “sembunyik2” was the craze but everyone was afraid of the HANTU TETEK!!!! Yeah…. I used to remember… there was once I was hiding under the bed, then I suddenly had the image of HANTU TETEK coming to get me… i quickly, without hesistation, ran from under the bed!!! Tak kisah lah kena pasang…. janji tak kena sembunyik by HANTU TETEK!!!! lol

  2. Hhahahahaha
    I think those children from our generation know Hantu Tetek better than we do know Barbie, no?

    Oh the fear of the sound of Hantu Tetek and Hantu Kom Kom… *shudders*

  3. Hi Ina’s friend.. I love reading your blog! No matter what, everything you write seems to make me smile.. thanx!! 🙂

    And yes, I remember that hantu.. though truth is, I wasn’t that afraid as I kept wondering, “Camne la nak sorokkan a group of kids there..”

  4. aku pernah liat antu, tapi cuman di tipi doank, ngimpi di kejar kejar hantu juga pernah, tapi kalo ketemu hantu beneran blom pernah
    apa lagi di takut2in ma hantu

  5. wah serem,
    ”’ ada air bekas memandikan orang gila mati, otak bayi yang sengaja digugurkan, darah ular hitam dan darah gua sendiri”’.biasa nyantet bozz

  6. The hantu kom kom you refer to is a relatively recent invention – dating to the 80s. in those days tudung-clad women were rare and new, and seen as weird and strange.
    The rumour was that such a tudong-clad lady was going around and saying assalaamu’alaikum, so it sounds like kom-kom.

  7. pls write also about hantu susu & hantu purdah story.
    which i think very scary having a lady waring purdah carrying gravestone around…&asking for susu for her dead son the gravestone!

  8. hi, came here via faizis.com

    i can’t stop but LMAO reading this entry. i remember the hantu tetek and hantu kom kom tricks my mom used to scare me with! i think the famous “hantu” recently (ok, now defunct) is makcik keropok! LOL!

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