Food Works

I am always, always fascinated at how in the whole wide world the Sarawakians do it. Their cake lapis I mean.

So intricate the design. Must be tedious…!

To my family back home,especially the aunties, if you are reading this, fret not, I have already placed my orders for each and everyone of you, yes.. yes.. no need to put up your hands.. all the 13 households of you. On me. One cake per family. I’m coming back on the 3rd day raya insya Allah, so see you all there. For anyone else, who wants to order these lovely yummies, I ordered it here. They do gift deliveries too.

P.S, my Aunties..they used Golden Churn Butter, not margerine, and MOM said it was good. Since the SIFU kuih dah cakap sedap, I went ahead and ordered for you all. Jumpa raya ketiga nanti kat rumah Bapak ok? And please, this year, please spare me the questions of what is happening in Malaysia politics. Nak tau, baca berita harian online. Hokay ?


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