Right or Wrong?

These days in the morning, I will always browse through the papers for the medal count of the on going Olympics in China.

This morning I caught myself when I realised I have been doing something quite peculiar these past few days. It suddenly occurred to me that , while looking out for the medal count, my eyes as if on auto, would straight away look out for Malaysia and the jalur gemilang. Like eh, I would have thought I would be on a look out for my own hometown, but without realising it before, I didnt.

Has my own hometown turned into a mere bright red passport I am carrying, or is it just an island harbouring my family and friends?

Actually to be honest, I’ve lost touch with all the domestic news of the island other than what I am getting from the media here. I don’t even know who are wearing the national colours of the island for this Olympics. So as a buffer to safeguard my utter ignorance about the on goings down south, I look out for that Jalur Gemilang... boleh kan?


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