Public Squeaking

This may well be a plagiarism of title form Heru‘s blog and it came timely as since Saturday evening, I have been really bothered about a current issue in Malaysia pertaining directly or indirectly to the reverts ( or converts as others would term it )

We were at Tupai-Tupai having the steamboat buffet dinner, courtesy of my visiting parents, aunt and uncle. The tv there was showing the news and we stopped eating when we saw the clip on the news – an ugly exchange of words and almost physical exchange between the lawyers faction and those who opposed them.

Why I feel very strongly about it is because it involves- directly and indirectly reverts (converts) issues which I have already had a few issues with here in Malaysia. However, I wouldn’t want to comment on it, not publicly anyway, because I do not have a sound knowledge pertaining to the matter at this particular moment. Because I do not want to be one of those, you know… one of them, whoever they are who do not have good groundings on certain issue, but, like how they would say in my hometown— berbual champion / ye ye orh sajer . Talk like a champion, isi takdak.

Since 1992, reverts ( converts ) issues- developments et al, have been too close to my hearts, and the hearts of others close to me. ( Mr Mudpie are you reading this?? ) and I hope that this issue will be resolved the soonest and the best way, NOT via merely public squeaking, but by the advise of people with real knowledge pertaining to this issue and most wise ways of handling it. (Malaysian scholars, where art thou?)

Not by just squeaking loudly or publicly or worse, berbual champion —which brings about nothing but public confusion. That’s what public squeaking is all about, really. Everyone wants to be ye ye orh sajer…


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