Happy Birthday

Today, the island nation where I hailed from celebrates yet another year of independence.

It’s funny. I grew up with our history books telling us our island was shoved out of the mainland, with images of the teary socialist leader and a forlorn face on television, who later became a powerful leader who built the island into a nation that it is today. Fast forward many years later, where history was just a subject we did in school, I found myself as a resident on the mainland where it all happened. And the history from the books and publications here are a tad, if not a lot different from the perspective that we have been exposed to where the ousting out incident is concerned.

Oh well there are always two sides of the coins ain’t it.

Anyway, on that island, there are my family and friends and my childhood and my growing up years. There are powerful memories, good and bad. There on the island are my most favourite food and my comfort zone. I would not say that grass is greener on the other side, whichever side I was/am in after I left the island. But life is definitely more colourful on the other side ( political and otherwise, haha ).

So here’s to you, my hometown, please be good to my family and friends and all my love ones. Please continue to progress not only financially but also in essence.

I want an N/DP goodie pack can or not? Waliao eh, si beh sian lah korang… send one here lah…

See, I still speak Singlish. Perfectly too ! 😛 Donch pray pray ah… 😛

Anyhow, Happy Birthday.

p.s Mas Selamat how? Catch him areeady or not? Don’t bedek lah korang..ye ye orh sajer


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. History is indeed very biased, much depending on those who wrote it. I was always shocked and in disbelief when I read some of the excerpt of Dutch occupation of Indonesia from other flip of the coin.

    Happy anniversary to Singapore by the way 🙂

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