Just for the kick of it. So that I know what I did on this 080808.

Left the house at 8.20 am. The husband drove me to the student’s place for homeschooling. It was a 4 hour lesson today which saw me lose my patience more than once because the child preferred to ‘banyak songeh‘ rather than focus, and yak instead of doing his work. Usually I wouldn’t be so anal about it, but today the line was crossed, which made me cross.

I was scheduled to have another lesson after Friday prayers- 2 pm to 6 pm thereabout. Since I had 1.5 hours break, I decided to take one of the afternoon session kids for lunch at the nearby mall. The kid wanted to eat pasta. So he had spaghetti bolognaise while I had spaghetti arabiatta. Next, we shopped for groceries at JUSCO. Bought a dozen oranges, bottles of yoghurt drink, ayam kampung betina, unsalted butter, organic rye bread, a bunch of bananas and of course… a pack of cili padi ( compulsory item ). Then we went to RHB bank and the MPH sale. Quite satisfied with my account balance ( ahaks ) and bought 2 items from MPH. Then went back in a cab. It was a RM 6 trip home, even though home is just across the big highway. sigh

Back home, did a whirlwind of stuffs which included feeding Milo, hanging the laundry, clearing the mess in the living room and then zuhur prayers. Then waited for the other kids to arrive while getting the first kid to start his reading. Once the other kids arrived, fed them, got their reading lessons started. Shortly after, the cleaning ladies arrived. 2 of them. I’ve called them twice this week. That’s how prepared I wanna be for the great matriach’s visit. wakakaka.

Now I am supervising the cleaning ladies. Feeling like a ma’am besar myself… πŸ˜›

7.10pm the cleaning ladies did a fantastic job. I think I will make them my permanent. Barked at the kids to clean up their room and study area before they went home. They did quite a good job at it actually, out of fright for my unsuspecting temper. Which only surface with the coming of the matriarch from down south.

2 of the kids’ parents are late and at this point I am still waiting for their drivers to pick them up. Which means I am darn late for aikido class, considering the jam at KD at this hour. To think we are still at home at this time and have not taken dinner, AND have to go for training like right now. Bummer.

10.45 pm back from Aikido. On the way to Aikido something or rather someone pissed me off to the brink of a volcanic eruption. Took it all out during Aikido. I still didn’t feel good. But went for dinner at Teak 5 and had bee hoon soto. Reached home before 10.30 pm and stared at Milo and his itchy ears. The husband has since retired into bed. I am thinking of either marinating the chicken or setting the base for the peach cheesecake. But I am so pissed still and it is not good to cook in a bad aura. So I will give it a pass.

Hence that was my 080808. The busy day with an infuriating ending.


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