Of Yikes and Yay

Yikes and Yay are two sentiments I have whenever my parents are coming for a visit, which they are, come this weekend.

Yikes to the feverish spring cleaning and rehearsing answers to FAQs of whatever questions they may have. Yikes to quickly find a recipe that I’ve never cooked before to impress the royal matriarch. Yikes to making sure that I have satisfied their ISO requirements of what they expected of me. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes !

On the other hand, they bring alot of Yays as well. Yay to their presence first and foremost. Yay to their gifts from my hometown, Yay to their never ending support for everything that we do. Yay to their dinner treats to whichever fancy fine dining they want to indulge here, considering their currency to ours is 2.38 times more hur hur hur.

Now where is the number to the cleaning company…? I need some help.


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