Of Solitaire and Fish Spa Darwinism

As the husband had night class last night, I decided on spending the whole evening after the homeschooling session in solitaire. I need that. To be alone for a while, just on my own, spending time with I, me and myself. Because for the past weeks and months even, I am with people the moment I open my eyes from sleep to the time I retire in bed. The life of an educator is such that time belongs to everyone else but yourself.

So first stop was to enjoy a nice quiet meal on my own, reading Mark Haddon‘s A Little Spot of Bother. I almost finished it. The black pepper chicken and rice meal at Secret Recipe was surprisingly good but the sugarless chocolate moist cake was blegh. It was hard and I can actually bruise Milo if I throw the piece onto his head.

Next stop, fish spa. As it was a Monday evening, I ended up the only one in the spa. The little fishes rushed to my ( badly cracked and tired ) feet as though they had not eaten for days. Or are my feet really that bad?

Anyway, I was observing intently the dynamics of the fishes. There were a few kinds, some big 5 cm ones and some really tiny around 2 cm ones. And I saw the term coined by Charles Darwin manifested. One little fish, in the midst of all of them getting a bite at the dead cells on my feet, somehow got injured. Then almost immediately, 4 big fishes, the 5 cm ones left my feet and rushed to that injured little one and fought amongst themselves for that little one, which was already half dead. And shortly after, the fattest amongst the four took one bite and the head of the little one was gone. He ( the fat fish ) won and the rest of the little fish was his ( ok I am sexist a bit. It could be a her but…. ). Hence the rest of the big fishes left the fight and came back to my feet. What did Darwin say again? Survival of the fittest? Considering that fishes are famous for their ‘fish brains‘, they do need the brawns to survive, indeed. 😛

Next I bought tickets for later, Batman The Dark Knight. While waiting for the husband to be back from class, I spent some time over Dilmah‘s green tea at MPH Cafe.

It’s nice to have my own time out. Peaceful even. And Batman is a good movie. Someone from my hometown is in it. Ng Chin Han, you’ve finally made it to Hollywood. Congrats.


6 thoughts on “Of Solitaire and Fish Spa Darwinism

  1. Bukan Batman… tapi the Dark Knight…. hehehehe love love the Joker and his weird sense of humour… :))

  2. Hey, I thought the Dark Knight was a bit too long dont’ ya think? And what’s up with harvey and rachel? I just didnt get their chemistry..or their lack of it…I went to watch it coz of Christian Bale and I wasnt disappointed in him! 🙂

  3. yeah it was long and i was freezing. but i still found it better than the rest of the batmans, especially the one with val kilmer and alicia silverstone.. keke

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