The Northern Calling

About a year ago, I took this pic at Tasik Banding, Perak.

It was my 2nd trip to Tasik Banding. Well not exactly to be at Tasik Banding itself, but we bypassed it when we used the Gerik Highway from Penang to Kelantan. It was an arduously very, very long drive. BUT, the drive was gorgeous, really. We also met a family of wild elephants along the way.

They walked away quickly after realizing I was taking their pictures and also because, the Penghilitan Rangers were there shooing them away back into the forest.

My point is, with our currently very busy schedule, our wanderlust habits have to take a back seat. That means our ‘masuk’ kampung photography moments every month have to come to a halt. It’s almost 5 am in the morning and I have not slept a wink.

I am not sure why. But really, one of the things that is playing in my head now is the melt in your mouth cendol in Taiping, Perak. This corner mamak shop which sells rojak and cendol from an old beaten shop house. A family run business which has been there for about 8 or 9 generations. And still going strong. Raving newspapers and magazine reviews of those who managed to locate this shop are really doing injustice to the real thing. Slurping the cendol is like– errr a piece of heaven on earth?

And tell me, why am I writing about cendol at 5 am in the morning ?

Ngigau kot?


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