In the spirit of ascension

In this month of Rejab, we are reminded of the Isra’ Mikraj incident. Probably it is tonight as stated by the narrations.

It is quite difficult explaining the ascension story to skeptics where the question how in the world Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) did the journey up into the sky on a buraq ( a heavenly creature ) from Mekah to Madina and then to Baitulmaqdis ( Jerusalem ) and back to Mekah all in one night. To many, it sounds hollywood-ish.

But to think in another perspective, an ant can be telling his mate, another ant that he went from KL to Negri Sembilan and came back on the same day. His friend would probably tell him please don’t bullshit. How can it be possible for an ant, to travel all the way from KL to Negri Sembilan and back on the same day ? It would take it a million years to do so.

But actually, it is indeed possible. All the ant had to do is to hang on to dear life on a man’s shirt. And it is possible for the man to travel from KL to Negri Sembilan and back within a day, right? And the ant who sticks on the man’s shirt travels too.

So is the idea of the ant’s travel really absurd now ?

So what about Isra’ Mikraj ? Or what about the Wali Songo days? Where they performed karamahs and/or the miracles of the other Prophets in the past as just mere legendary stories not anymore authentic than Narnia ?

Are the days of karamah over ?


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