Twilight Zone

… that I had a pack of homemade sausages in my freezer. I didn’t cook any sausages last week, the husband can vouch for it. I didn’t give it away, cause they are good sausages I had intended for a certain recipe. But I searched high and low today, ransacked the fridge, took out everything and anything. It’s gone ! My bag of sausages mysteriously *poofed* . Although I do have a furry suspect, but the fridge is a tad too high for him.

Or is it ?….


2 thoughts on “Twilight Zone

  1. Beats me !
    I have the recipe to prove that I have bought the sausages and that I was not imagining things. I remember I held the sausages and carefully put it in the freezer, BUT it’s gone !!!!!!!!!

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