In Retrospect

When things happen not on our side or to our immediate liking, more often than not we grieve right? I know I did. A bad one years ago. When something I thought would work out for me, didn’t. And I had to make the decision to leave it or to go on with it. I chose to leave, of course not without bucketful of tears.

Fast forward, years down the road, present times, yesterday in fact, I got updated on what I left behind that fateful day on that fateful year. On what happened to the object I walked out on. On what that object is now.

I took my ablution, did my prayers and did the sujud syukur. Thank YOU. I thought YOU didn’t love me back then because YOU didn’t answer my prayers to make it work. But yesterday, I realised with all my heart that YOU answered the very ‘doa’ we make after each prayer 5 times a day…

‘Rabbanaa aatina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil akhirati hasanah waqina azabannar..’ — OH Lord, give us the goodness of this world and the hereafter.

Thank YOU for loving me enough to guide me to make that decision years ago. And sorry for the bucketful of tears and being angry with YOU back then. In the words of modern day teenagers, I was just being emo… I didn’t realise, or chose not to realise that YOU have better things in store for me.


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