A friend wrote this circa 2006

( Ibrahim, if you are reading this, yes it is yours. I am quoting it because I like it and I relate to it. Bravo )

Progress is a forward movement towards a goal. As we expend our energies on the future, we move away from where we were. We delight in development yet vaguely sense a loss. Even as things change and develop, we feel the need to conserve elements of our culture so that it is not lost for future generations – or indeed for ourselves.

Are you comfortable of being who you are?

I know I am. Hence after reading the above, this blog changes from Tales from The Toilet Seat Philosopher to Warkah Wanita Melayu.

P.S Dirgahayu means ‘Long Live’


2 thoughts on “Dirgahayu

  1. Thought I lost my way; check the url twice 🙂 . Now, I know the ‘story’ behind the different heading.

    Nice quote, there: simple yet true. I try to get through life forward though I try harder not to lose my root and try even harder not to be bound to the past.

    Learning from your writings, I cannot help thinking that you have walked a long way while at the same time trying to nurture your culture heritage. Nice going, I guess.

    PS: just a small comment: I’d rather go with ‘Perempuan’ instead of ‘Wanita’ (as an Indonesian, of course). ‘Perempuan’ comes from ‘per-empu-an’ while ‘Wanita’ . . . ???

  2. Frans,
    Thanks 🙂
    Anyway… in Malay, wanita means lady. And it brings about a softer meaning than the word perempuan.
    I’ll stick to wanita though since I relate more to Malay, it being my mother’s tongue than Indo. I am paternally Javanese only and not an Indo 🙂

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