Rhythm and Harmony

Since coming back from Indonesia the week before last, I have had 3 new students for my homeschooling program. One, as I mentioned before is a bedridden boy who cannot walk to this day after his surgery which was a month or more ago. The other two are these two brothers, very good looking I must say, of Morrocan-Malay mix. Father Morrocan, Mother Malay Penang Mari.  Hai… kalau ada anak perempuan ( sekarang ada anak kucing sajer.. ) memang dah sound nak jadikan menantu !

And of course, the excitement of selling pineapple jem tarts. Ho Ho Ho.

Aikido training has been going on good. It’s a gentle martial arts and I like it. It taps on a person’s rhythm and harmony with the opponent. It is not vigorous. It is not complicated. It makes sense because it uses alot of physics. It is fun because the footwork is like dancing to the beat of an imaginery music.

Image taken from here.

In the class, my sparring partner is of course, the husband. I was gleeful on Friday night after learning how to bring him down and pin him down using as little energy as possible. And the husband is big and tall mind you ! It was so fun I wanted to practice again and again 😛 ! During training, with each blow, I hissed ‘ wife abuse !’ and another blow he hissed ‘ husband beater !’

Our sensei ( teacher ) had to ask the rhetorical ‘ Now you know why I never get my girlfriend to learn Aikido ? ‘


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