Little cups of ( bad ) blood

Yesterday the husband and I went for a treatment that we have been practicing since 2 years ago, as an alternative to the current mainstream medical treatment i.e going to the medical clinics. We went for acupunture cupping at AKUBEKAM, this chain of acupunture cupping clinics run by Dr Hj Helena Abdullah, a Chinese Muslim doctor who years ago decided to switch line from western medicine to traditional medical treatment. She dived into traditional medicine for sufistic/spiritual reasons- to revive prophetic medicines , as narrated in the hadith ( sayings of prophet Muhammad peach be upon him ) :

We’ve not been to a GP for a long time. Just acupuncture cupping and now we add on foot reflexology in our
health package too. That, and taking honey and homeopathy pills whenever we get sick. All natural and
herbal. No antibiotics for us please, we get them lots in already in the chickens we consume.
Image taken from here.
Something of similar sight when we go for AKUBEKAM. I don’t have a pic of it of myself of course, neither
do I want to take the husband’s pic so from this website it shows how acupunture bekam is done,
sucking out toxic blood from your acupunture points by first pricking you with the acupunture needles
and then sucking the toxic blood out using the suction machine.
As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been practicing this for health reason for two years already and each time it leaves
us feeling refreshed and raring to go.

15 thoughts on “Little cups of ( bad ) blood

  1. oHH, interesting. I think I wanna try this. I am also into alternative and herbal treatments. Do u know where i can get this done in sg?

  2. Rozas,
    AKUBEKAM has a branch in Johor.
    I’ll get you the address asap insya Allah. That clinic in JB is run by Dr Hjh Helena’s son, Dr Syed..

  3. Hihi, looks a bit scary … can I have other treatment instead? something that don’t involved blood … I think a cuppa tea would be good for now 😀

  4. ok thanks..the clinic’s name sounds familiar…i think someone else has blogged about this before and I asked the same qn and got the same answer! haha..

  5. percicilan,
    I’ve been to my second cupping session a couple of weeks ago plus the acupuncture treatment. I’ve seen some positive changes especially in my running. I’m not sure how the cupping on my back has increased my energy to run, but I’m embracing them all.

  6. Ana,
    According to the doctor who did my cupping, when our blood is free of toxic, we have more energy to do things as the blood circulation throughout our body is more ‘deras’. Maybe that’s why you have more energy to run kot?

    So far it has been good for me and yes, like you I am embracing it all 🙂

  7. the akubekam johor address is no.19, jalan padi emas 3/1, bandar baru uda, j.b. tel 07-2374878. Thanks for the inquiry

  8. Thanks sis!Was about to email u to ask since I wanted to try before puasa! Maybe go this weekend! thanks! But of course it will be a lady attending to me right?

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