A Tarty Issue

Do you want delicious melt in the mouth pineapple tarts ?

Jam Tarts

It is very good ! And you know, I would only do promo for good items. I am a very picky consumer and I am not easily impressed with things. Friends back home, you know my mom used to sell ‘kuih tart’ by the thousands each time raya for years and years. You people even ordered from her !!! And for that, thank you very much 😛 But alas, my mom has since retired from the trade. So just when I thought the era of good tarts is coming to an end, I found another quite close to mom’s. And almost immediately, I pledged to become their bearer. So, here are the facts

Contents : Pineapple Jam Tarts

Quantity : 20 pieces per box ( all year round ), 40 pieces pack for festive seasons.

Expiry date : Lasts for a year. ( But it is so addictive I doubt you would take a day to finish it. Half a day with restrain )

Who can order : Anyone. Bulk orders can be sent to outside Malaysia. So if you are outside Malaysia and have a community of traditional ‘kuih tart’ loving people, collect orders and get a representative to order in bulk. You’ll save in postage like that. OR, use this as an opportunity to be a supplier to your country, wherever you are.

More details for pricing and shipping ? Email to percicilan@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “A Tarty Issue

  1. Rozas,
    Can you email me?
    So I can get your email and inform you when I am sending my family’s one down and include yours as well?

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