Antara Cinta dan Sepi

During the weekend I caught the movie SEPI. I found it to be half-baked. I felt that CINTA was better and of course, PENSIL surpassed them both.

It has star studded cast alright, but to put it in a baking analogy, SEPI to me, is like a cake where the baker uses fine and expensive ingredients, but the cake simply turned out just so-so. Not too fantastic. Just edible– not the kind of cake that makes an impression. Unlike Pensil. And true enough, today’s Berita Harian quoted that even the casts of the movie itself acknowledged that response to this movie had not been as good as they have expected, in fact their box office sales have been quite dampening.

From Malaysia to Japan…The Japanese Film Festival is this month. Tickets are at a good bargain of RM 5 ! It’s next week and since they are showing it at the cineplex across the road from home, it means we do not have to travel all the way to the MATIC auditorium in KL like we did last time just to catch the Japanese film screening.

After organising the German, Iranian, French and now Japanese Film Festivals, I really do hope they have the Latin American film festival as well. They had it in 2006 in KL and I remembered attending a few, the best one amongst them was this Argentian story about a boy who grew up in the community dancing club.


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