Di Tanah Jawa ( timur )

Our beca rider, who huffed and puffed when he cycled us to Ampel. Two of us on one beca ? He must have had a bad day with us. We paid him a bit extra tho’…

Masjid Sunan Ampel. Where Walisongo Sunan Ampel was buried..

Jawi Javanese scripts. We wanted to get the Kitab Kuning, but all were in Javanese so we didn’t in the end..

From the beca. I took this while I was on the beca. The beca, travelled on the main road with all the trucks and buses and lorries and what have you ! Scary !!! On the way back he traveled against the oncoming traffic and I was too busy praying for my life to take a photo.

8 steps to Nirvana ? Maybe… although the Islamisation of East Java has taken place, historical buildings reflect that they still hang on to their Hindu past. Like this minaret of Sunan Giri Mosque, where Wali Songo Sunan Giri was buried in Gresik. It looked like a temple instead of a mosque. Beautiful !

Even the tombstones of the great Islamic scholars had Hindu-inspired carvings on them.

An old man reading Surah Ya Sin outside the makam of Siti Fatimah Maimun in Gresik. She died in 1075 AD, which makes her tomb one of the oldest Muslim tombs in Nusantara.

Young girls from high school reciting Ya Sin for Almarhum Mbah Soleh, the man who lived and died 9 times.. In Ampel.

Bolong. In Javanese, Bolong is hole. Hence Mbah Bolong, a pious man was said that when Sunan Ampel asked which way is the direction of the kiblat, he looked through the hole and saw the Kaabah from this hole. From then people called him Mbah Bolong. This is in Ampel.

Rawon. I had this rawon at the Jakarta Airport when we wanted to leave for Surabaya. Not that great, compared to of course, the real authentic Rawon Setan !

Random shots. I just wanted to see how far my camera can go. So this flower at the graveyard was far from me when I took this shot. I love the colours !


9 thoughts on “Di Tanah Jawa ( timur )

  1. Beautiful! Keep em coming πŸ™‚

    Although it’s true la what you said about ‘bolong’.

    Just reading the word gives me the creep.

    Power of past conditioning? I think so! ehehe

  2. Zieha,
    AND I wanted to find the Sundal Bolong dvd there but didn’t find the time to do it :S

    We are thick-skinned travellers. Hehe we dig deep into the core of the places we go to. Research, research, research and then ok gooooo.

    Oits you. Do I have to wait another 5 years to meet up with both of you again? KL is calling mate.. KL is calling … come on.. ! πŸ˜‰

  3. love your pictures! very colourful and beautifully captured the feel of the country πŸ™‚

  4. Thks for the beautiful pictures u have there.I’ll be leaving for Lumajang Jawa Timu in early June.I will be learning cooking from a warung there.I need your advice on what to learn there and the aunthenticity of the food

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