At random

I was not too well during the trip so I did not manage to indulge in serious photography. And since I took a few days to recuperate upon coming back to Malaysia, I have not managed to organise the shots taken. But some shots at random reminds me of the trip, which I would want to sit and reflect and organise my thoughts about.

Kerak Telur sellers in Kemayoran, Jakarta. It is the signature dish for Orang Betawi, the natives of Jakarta. It was delicious. We had to choose telur ayam atau telur bebek ( duck ). I chose telur bebek. And I had it with roadside soto with sambal cili padi that made me hit the roof, almost. Syiok, but it contributed to me being a bit ill the next day. Not the Karak Telur’s fault but rather the Soto with sambal at the roadside Waroeng.

How Kerak Telur is made

Sate Kerang ( they call it something else though.. I cannot remember what ) at Bumbu Desa, this really good restaurant selling Sunda food

This table cloth on the roadside waroeng had the different definitions of ‘makan’ all over. This definition caught my eyes…

We call it tapai, but I think the Sundanese call it Ketan (?). We have it for dessert but they use it for appetizers.

The bajaj that we took to travel the streets of Jakarta. The bajaj was fun, but since the roads were scary, it was a kelakar-seram experience


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