Parmit dulu ya…

We came back to Malaysia, earlier than what was on our flight tickets. Long story. Maybe not so long but yeah, we came back in two pieces, both ill.

Still recuperating, we are amazed at the political drama in Malaysia which unfolded during the time we were away. But, like what any Indo would say which is exactly what I would want to say to these clowns…

‘ Persetan lah lo orang ! ‘


4 thoughts on “Parmit dulu ya…

  1. It’s a real drag isn’t it?
    Don’t they have anything better to do than spend millions of ringgit trying to determine if a man did indeed have fun with another man’s bum…
    That among other things…
    I mean really!…

    This country looks like its going to the dogs…

  2. I don’t know 😀
    I think a lot of people feeling doom and gloom about their own country … seen it happens in America, my own (Indonesia), Malaysia (apparently dunno), some people in Philippines, Thailand, and many more.

    Guess it’s normal that not many people being overly optimistic about the state of their country. Hopefully by seeing other country is having a lot of problems too will encourage us to think that although all is not that well … things can get better.

  3. Heru,
    Politics in Malaysia is more scandalous than Melrose Place +Grey’s Anatomy+10 Indonesian Sinetrons put together.

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