Travel and see

The first revelation in the Quran was IQRA! Which is translated to be RECITE! Other than the commandment to read, God commands mankind, also in the Quran— to travel.

To travel and see other communities HE has created. To travel and see the things HE has created. To travel and get to know the other communities so that we know and understand them. To travel and to reflect. To travel and build bonds between us and the people who are peculiar to us. To travel and trade. More importantly, UNDERSTAND the culture of other people different from us.

We’ve been doing that, the husband and I, quite a bit. And I think between both of us, we both agreed that Indonesia is one place that is not easy to understand.

We went into the kampung in Gresik, Jawa Timur. There are so many things in my mind after that. Too many… I am tired now. Will write about it later…


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