Rawon Setan and Tomb Raiders

Late last night we were hungry. The husband finally came back to the hotel after exploring on his own about 4 or 5 hours later and by then it was way past dinner time. We decided to find a local place to eat. We got a cab and told the Pak Supir to just drive us to where the locals like to eat. The first thing he suggested was Warong Rawon Setan.

The rawon was HELL good ! ( forgive the pun ) and for the first time I can safely say it is better than my grandmother’s or my own mum’s rawon even. It was just a small shack, clean but really full of people although we arrived there at 11.30 pm. And more were still coming. The walls of the Warong were full of framed photographs of the owner, a lady, with Sinetron actors and actresses. There was a tiny ray of hope that as I was enjoying the really delicious rawon, Ari Wibowo would walk in, pink lips et al, but it didn’t happen of course ! 😛

The pak supir who drove us to Rawon Setan was friendly and gave us good aura about him. So we asked him if he could take us to Gresik the next day ( which was this morning ) for our time out with history– to visit the other tombs of the 2 other Wali Songo in Jawa Timur and the other great scholars here. He gladly accepted the offer. I love Blue Bird Cabbies, I tell you.

So that’s what we did this morning. Raided tombs… Many of them in fact. We set out at around 6.15 am where we began our digging for information and stories.

I have had the word ‘Javanese‘ as my race on my pink identity card all my life. But I’ve learnt more about the language and culture in the last 48 hours than I’ve had in my entire life.


4 thoughts on “Rawon Setan and Tomb Raiders

  1. The shop only opens in the evening, near maghrib to past midnight so they call it Rawon Setan hehe apparently maybe to them setan only comes around at night.
    But yes, it was wicked good too !

  2. Hehehe yeah the word setan is apparently rather trendy here in Indonesia.

    There’s a krupuk setan because when people eat it, they’d curse in the name of satan for it being extra hot. “Setan, pedes kali ni krupuk!” … or something to that effect.

    Yep it was named rawon setan because it only opens at night, when Satan roams around the area 😀

  3. Yeah Heru,
    Ill but on the net still. Had enough of the bed.
    And yes, there were alot of Setans around the warung.. hahah setans enjoying rawon. In Malaysia we call them Mat Rempits !

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