Kulo Wong Kono

Kulo wong kono is Javanese for ‘saya orang sana‘ or I am from there… which means you are not a local. That’s about a bit of Javanese that I know other than ‘Kulo Tresno Sampeyan’ which means ‘I love you’. The other words I know is best not to say here as they are mostly bad words, things I heard my late grandfather who hailed from Semarang scolded his children ( my aunts and uncles ) or even me.

We are in Surabaya now, Jawa Timur where we hope the real exploring will begin. Jakarta was busy, busy, busy catching up with friends and their families and also being ill, so I didn’t get to do things which I normally would do i.e take photographs on the streets.

One thing though, in Jakarta, the husband survived the notorious Pasar Senen on his own and came back in one piece, alhamdulillah. With lots of books ( and he said he was not going to buy much.. bahh!! ). I ate from street vendors just for the experience and alhamdulillah am still alive. We took bajaj ! Yes !!! Scary as the roads here are, we took the bajaj and the experience was like on a mini roller coaster on the dangerous road. Gutsy eh? Friends chided me for eating from the roadside vendors and tried to talk the husband from going to Pasar Senen ( Heru, Agung was in disbelief you actually suggested going there to Mr Husband ! )

Here in Surabaya, many advertisements on the streets are in Javanese. The locals speak Javanese amongst themselves. Even when they speak Indo, it’s with a very thick Javanese accent. And the weather is hot. The husband tried to be corny. He asked, since things here are predominantly in Javanese, could there be a likely chance the Mac Donald’s here is Wak Donal ? πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “Kulo Wong Kono

  1. I would love to go Surabaya to visit my ex maids. My mum used to say she comes from Jawa Tepi..(ahaks…jawa tengah..jawa timur..jawa barat..). Enjoy yr trip..ambik gambar lah..

  2. It’s always funny to hear ‘foreigners’ tell stories of their experiences in Jakarta in such a great way while, as a local, I take those experiences for granted. I guess I need to appreciate my Jakarta better πŸ™‚ .

    Ah . . . Surabaya is my hometown. No matter I go, I always find coming to Surabaya means coming home. Hope you enjoy your visit in my town :)!

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