The cab driver and korupsi berjemaah

I think I am about to get sick.

I am not sure if it is from eating too much sambal and other spicy  lip smacking Indo food.. OR from drinking too much teh botol Sostro… OR the air pollution here from the traffic.. OR from the lack of rest.. OR for the fact I braved myself to eat soto from a street vendor today, just for the experience.

We bought books. Yes, more books. Books are awfully cheap here. We bought books by Pramoedya and El-Shirazy, DEBU cd and oh, bumped into the lead singer of DEWA at the supermarket yesterday. And ate way too much, ( that would be me ) as the chili padi laden Indo food is just so perfect for me. PERFECT.

Saw homeless, barefooted kids along the street we are staying on. Saw ghetto areas and squatters area. The husband kept saying again and again that Jakarta reminds him so much of Mexico City where he worked. Where the filthy rich live side by side with the dirt poor in stark contrast.

Two things I will always remember about Jakarta.

1. A taxi driver, when driving along rows of government building nonchalantly told us, ‘ Ini semua gedung kerajaan pak.. bu.. Semua orang dalam gedung ini korup nih.. malah, korupsi dalam ini semua bukan sekadar tahap sembahyang pak.. Korupsi nya udah tahap berjemaah !’ … we cracked up real bad in the taxi with laughter. That was a real honest to goodness introduction to his country in a very ‘selambe’ manner.

2. Hospitality level is very high and adab wise, I couldn’t ask for more, seriously.


6 thoughts on “The cab driver and korupsi berjemaah

  1. So far we have been getting cab drivers who are great story tellers. One even asked if my hubby is a Muslim. I guess, despite me in hijab, they are so used to the inter faith marriages in Indo they had to ask… 🙂

  2. Hehe … now you know why I often write about them cabbie drivers.

    Ok you’re heading for Surabaya now … be careful of the heat and pick pocket. Have a nice trip.

  3. CC,
    does any part of u feel a certain sense of coming home to the land of ur ancestors? I ask because many Malaysian Javenese still feel a certain sense of affinity to the original places of their forefathers in Indonesia, though without the sense of belonging there… Kind of an interesting phenomenon…

    Oh btw, welcome back home 🙂
    And I’m glad u had a good time there!

  4. Percicicilan,
    It is sad don’t you think when people are no longer have faith to the a group of people who have power in their hands and has turned into a bitter jokes.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Heru,
    Surabaya… is hot man.. hot !!! Our cab driver spoke in a very thick Javanese accented Indo and the husband asked me, u understand? errr…. no? kekek

    Mr Lobo,
    I am now in Jawa Timur but my paternal blood is from Jawa Tengah. There are quite some differences in the language now that I listened quite carefully…

    Yes! Exactly. He was not the first cab driver to have told us corny things about the people of power. Somehow they all seems so pasrah. I was hoping against all hope to bump into Hetty Koes Endang and get her to sing for me the song KASIH… but alas… hanya tinggal mimpi :S

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