Street Urchins and Asian Beverly Hills

I would like to write more but I have less than half an hour left before this thing logs itself off.

Jakarta on the first day was spent in the the infamous macet ( traffic jam ), entertained by cab drivers’ tongue in cheek outlook to life in Indonesia, of a mad rush to find a kebaya for myself at the 11th hour, of delicious Soto Malang and Es Teller at Jln Thamrin, of catching up with good friends and marveled how their kids grew up beautifully.

Jakarta, the grime, the terrible traffic, the polluted air, the beautifully hospitable people, really awesome food and the nice apartment we got ourselves into. Of staying on the same street as where Obama went to school when he was a kid ( ahaks… the cab driver just had to stress that ;p ).


Today was more eventful. Very tiring but in a good way. The wedding was beautiful. Iyok is a married man now…The food was A+++, the company was awesome. Met up with people I have been meaning to meet up with for the longest time. Heru, it’s been almost five years !!! You and Ira …you guys are just such wonderful people. Thanks mates ! Next trip? See you in Sulawesi insya Allah. 🙂

Chapek nihhh … oh yes, Heru, if you are reading this, we had Nasi Uduk Gondangdia with bebek bakar and pecel lele. Took bajai there from Cikini. Enaknya mintak ampunnnn ;p


2 thoughts on “Street Urchins and Asian Beverly Hills

  1. Hi you 😀

    Pretty gutsy there using bajaj 😀

    It was awesome to finally meet you both. We hope we could meet again soon and in a more relaxing circ, hehe (Saturday night I have to go the office to prepare for some sudden presentation for my boss).

    We certainly hope you enjoy your visit. I’ve told you to prepare some balm … 😀 … the nasi uduk better be worth it.

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