Just like him

Went to buy my outfit for Aikido class later. Our first class this evening. Given that the scales for me have tipped greatly to the other side of late, I have to admit, I look strangely but expectedly like him…

Image taken from here.

I know I find Kung Fu Panda cute. But to look like him and all the ‘babats’ in the package, it’s so not cool. Actually, now that I looked into the mirror, I look more like Kung Fu Hippo.


3 thoughts on “Just like him

  1. It’s so cool that ur taking up aikido…
    And regarding the babat…hehehe…I suffer from the same affliction…

    (Sing in Michael Jackson voice)
    “You are not alone…etc”

  2. the looking like po part…wakakakaka!!

    ilhan will love you more for that though 🙂 he’s crazy about po and frens.

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