Time after time

Was shopping at the supermarket last night when a song was played. There was this non-local couple who suddenly dropped their basket and started to slow dance in the aisle. I stood there watching them for a moment, grinning. The song must have meant something to them. I thought that was sweet and cute. When the song ended ( and I have since chosen my baking stuffs ), they stopped dancing and resumed their shopping, smiling from ear to ear. I smiled at them.

I like people who can stop and smell the roses and capture the moment.


5 thoughts on “Time after time

  1. It’s kinda something that ppl wud do in Europe or America..not really something ppl would do here is it? Any outward exhibition of affection is a big no-no… Or else the snoop squad will get u.. hehehehe…

  2. Hehehe…eeeyup!
    Still, I think it’s nice if we loosened up a little once in a while in this country…Instead of jumping on every single minor transgression…

  3. Mr Lobo,
    If you think here is bad, go to my country then… smoke at the wrong place, throw your litter not at the right place, just wait for the men in blue to pounce on you.

    Each country has its own perks and otherwise. If all are the same, why travel ?

  4. I would love to show that scene to my wife. She always object to my showing her my affection anywhere, especially in public places. Not that she’ll change but she’ll see other’s perspective but mine.

    Wish I were there . . . .

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