The Eulogy… In memory of Seuss

Dear Seuss,

We hope that you are resting in peace now in our garden. It seems only yesterday that we were cuddling you and having lots of fun with you, watching you and Milo wrestle. But today, you are gone.

I can never forget the sight of watching you get knocked down by the car right before my eyes. We were leaving for dinner and for some strange reason, you wanted to follow us and you dashed out of the gate in full view of both of us and Milo. We were talking and planning who should cat sit you and Milo while we were gone for our trip. And there and then, you dashed across, too late for the oncoming car to stop. Then we heard and saw you knocked down barely a metre away from us. And you scampered round and round before falling down.

We rushed you to the pet hospital. Throughout the journey, you were in my arms with my tears raining on your cheeks. You were so still it frightened me. I kept begging you to hang on and hang on. I zikr anything I could remember. We sped through the traffic like crazy. But alas, when we reached the hospital, the vet pronounced you gone. And I became like a mad woman.

Seuss, we brought you back cold. And when we were approaching the house, my heart broke because it was always you who would come running to welcome us back with your fat legs–without fail. Rain or shine, you would always be there waiting for us to come home. But this time, only Milo was there. You were in my arms, cold and lifeless.

Seuss, do you know that Milo saw us bury you in our garden ? He didn’t understand what was going on but he helped us bury you by pushing the earth down.

He didn’t come into the room to sleep with us last night, do you know that ? He went round and round the house looking for you mewing out. Because it was always you who came into the room first and then licked him to sleep. I found him outside at 3 am, still not asleep and probably waiting for you.

Seuss, do you know that as I am typing this, Milo is walking all over the house calling out loudly for you? Both of you were the closest twin brothers I’ve ever known, doing everything and anything together. Going everywhere together And now Milo is looking for you. In fact, he even went to your grave this morning and tried to dig you out. And Milo too saw you knocked down. It was terrifying for all of us.

We miss you so much Seuss. We called you Theodore from Alvin the Chipmunk because you were so manja. We even called you Mr Bimbo because you used to do all those silly things Milo would never do. Everyone who comes into this house loves you, especially the kids who come for homeschooling and tuition. But now, you remain only a piece of memory which will bring a smile to our faces each time we think of you.

Oh by the way, we told your real mummy’s owner. He was very, very sad because he took care of you while you were still being breast fed by your mummy. But he had good news to tell though. Your mummy just gave birth to a new litter of kittens, by the same father as you and Milo ! So see, you and Milo now have 3 younger siblings. Here are your pictures for our memory. We promise we will take care of Milo well, insya Allah.

Goodbye now,

All of us and Milo.

p.s I love you

p.p.s If you see Gimok in the next life, send our love to her please.

You must sleep snuggled in an armpit. During the day when ‘daddy’ was not home, you found your sleep in the teddy bear’s armpit…

Your acute sense of hearing is amazing. You can recognise our keys or the car’s engine a mile off and wake up promptly.

Your soft black paws always hugging my toes at night…

Your whiskers which grew in our very own house…

You were always contemplating in the garden…

We love you Seuss. May you rest in peace. You ain’t just a cat. You were our baby, our companion, our house guardian, our joy and laughter and our solace. You are sorely missed….


12 thoughts on “The Eulogy… In memory of Seuss

  1. Sedih sungguh bila baca nukilan ni. Teringat aku masa aku bela dia ni kecik-kecik dulu. Menang semacam perangai dia. Kalau lepas dari sangkar, dia punya main, tak ingat-ingat. Tapi bila cukup ‘time’ dia akan masuk balik dlm sangkar. Kalau makan tu, selera dia mengalahkan adik beradik yang lain. Dia ada lagi ‘sorang’ adik. Cacat pengelihatan (mata dua-dua buta), tapi bila dia bermain-main kat kawasan rumah — macam kucing normal.

    Semoga ‘rohnya dicucuri rahmat’.

  2. 😦 So sorry about your loss. My family was in mourning too a couple of years back when the household cat died….

  3. percicilan,

    i am so sorry to read about your loss. tak sempat pun lg i nak jumpe seuss..

    i know it’s difficult now, but do know that you’ve given a good home and abundant of love to him. find peace in knowing that.

    be strong ok dear.

  4. Thank you everyone.
    I ‘m ok really, but his twin brother is not. He has been sick for two days already…

    You are on 🙂

  5. percicilan,
    I’m sorry about your loss. Seuss sound like a lovely cat I wouldn’t hesitate to have. I know how you felt when you witnessed your loving pet died in front of you. I lost two cats many years ago when I was in Malaysia (Che’ Puteh followed by Che’ Puan a year later). I cried and cried and decided then not to have pet anymore. Perhaps I’ll change my mind, who knows.

  6. Ana,
    Thanks. Let’s just say if Seuss is a human, he would make a lovely little boy.
    I’ve lost my Gimok before this to accident, and a couple of others through other means but with Seuss, I actually saw the car knocked him down. So it was very very very traumatic experience, especially for his twin brother, Milo.

  7. oh dear, i have not been here for sometime.

    sedih benar this entry, very sorry about it and i hope Milo will be ok.

  8. It is very painful to lose a child. Children with fur stay innocent for all their days. Suess is romping and purring in the realm above, no need for worry. He is not in pain anymore. He knows you love him, even still. Milo will grieve for his brother, and this is a good thing. Grief is love missing the loved. Milo, when his days here on earth end, will see Suess again, this I know. For the spirit within us all, fur or no, does not die. Released from this earthly body, a spirit is freed to join our creator.
    Maybe in awhile, you can find another brother for Milo. I think Suess would not mind it a bit, for he knows that a new furry child will not replace him in your heart at all. He knows of your love, and your capacity to make love grow enough to welcome another furry into your lives. Make Suess proud, and bring another furry into your home, and in caring for it, and loving it, you will honor Suess’ memory.

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