10 People on my A-List

Rozas blogged about the ten people who inspired her and called for fellow bloggers to share who are the people who inspire us, one way or the other in our lives. So here is mine.

1. My Bapak

For his struggles, his personality, his selflessness, his sense of forgiveness, his firmness, his honesty, his relentlessness display of love and most of all, his patience.

2. My Mum

This is one woman who never know the meaning of being tired. She would do anything and everything to provide for other people and make their lives as comfortable as possible, to the extend it becomes her weakness ( macam lilin membakar diri sendiri for the goodness of others ). We fight loud and vicious, but I know she knows that at the end of the day, I hold her on pedestal. AND for cooking my favourite Javanese dishes better than any Javanese I know, although she is Penang mai…

3. Sumayyah Binti Khabbab

The first martyr of Islam who died refusing to denounce the truth. She is my symbol of bravery.

4. Aunty Meena

Our Hindu domestic helper from the previous house. She works day and night cleaning people’s houses, leading a hard life but never once I heard her complain about how hard her life is, although we all see how hard her life is, indeed.

5. Arwah Yayi

My late grandfather from Weleri, Semarang Central Java, who raised his 13 children well, all intact in values and spiritual connections to the ONE above. Who taught and showed everyone that one can be physically poor but as long as you are spiritually and mentally rich, you will be really, really alright in this world.

6. Shan Liang

My student from eons ago. Taught him when he was in primary school. He should be in his late teens now. He couldn’t read, couldn’t write as he is suffering from learning difficulties BUT, he had big dreams which he wanted to achieve. He wanted to be a Durian King. Can’t read, can’t write but will not settle for anything less. Not just durian seller mind you, Durian KING !

7. Ingrid Mattson

I just love her, her lectures and the way she carries herself !

8. Dato’ Aidit Ghazali

Mentor, teacher, friend and formerly my Chief Editor. Learnt from him from a long way back and I am thankful for all the lessons he taught, especially to be an Insan Rabbani.

9. Dr Uthman El Muhammadi

I used to go to his lectures when he was a visiting scholar back in my hometown. What do we know, by the twist of fate ( and rezeki ), he is currently the husband’s teacher for his post-grad work. May Allah bless his soul. Word has it he used to cycle from Kota Bharu to KL to get books for his knowledge seeking purpose. Now if that is not inspiring, what else is ?

10. The husband

Yo husband, you know, I know why ! 😛

I am not sure if this is a tag, but there Rozas, I shared already 🙂


3 thoughts on “10 People on my A-List

  1. Hey,thanks for sharing ! 🙂
    The Ingrid lady…i cant open up her link, but is she the white lady convert who is heading the muslim association in the US?

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