The Pensil Story

We had 13 relatives from my hometown as guests at our place yesterday. I had only 4 hours of sleep the previous night, ( cooking a hurricane ) feeding them a spread which they love, and that made me happy. And of course I was happy with their visit. I miss the ‘kecoh-kecoh’ of big family gatherings.

We saw them off at the bus station where they took the 7 pm coach back, after which the husband suggested a movie to wind down after the hyper hours of entertaining. We wanted to catch Incredible Hulk for me who missed it and a 2nd time for the husband who loved it. But alas, the timing available was at 7.30 and at that moment at 7.15, I was slurping steaming hot bakso with chilli padi downing it with teh botol sostro.

Then I remembered I wanted to watch an INDIE film made in Malaysia, supported by FINAS, which I’ve heard and read alot of raving reviews about. It has big names from the theater scene too so I reckoned, why not.

Image taken from here.

Lo and behold, we were the only two people in the entire cinema when the film started at 8.10. I doubt we would get into trouble even if make out in there. But of course we didn’t ! 😛

It was good! No, it was awesome. As many other INDIE films, it’s a bit slow and sometimes overly dramatic, but the line up of actors and actresses who are mostly from theater sort of explains it. The simple plot stemmed from just a pencil and which later grew to discuss many issues of society and humanity, and of the people who are physically ‘different’. We both cried buckets ( actually maybe just cups ). Very drama lah.. I tell you !


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