Man in Green

I really regretted not joining the husband and my two boy cousins who are here on holiday watching Incredible Hulk. I actually queued for a good 40-45 minutes for the tickets for them at the meandering Q at Mid Valley. And when I reached the counter, I went silly and instead of buying 4 tickets for Incredible Hulk, I bought 3 Incredible Hulk tickets and one Amazing Grace ticket for myself. Amazing Grace turned out to be too heavy for a Sunday leisure movie– about the African Slave trade and since I was tired from studying for my exams till 4 am the night before, I slept a bit here and there through the film.

Image taken from here.

The guys found the movie awesome. I think I will catch it another time on my own. But more than anything else, the husband said the movie reminded him on why the Prophet, when asked what a believer should not do, he replied, ‘ Do not be angry’ … and the Prophet said it 3 times.


4 thoughts on “Man in Green

  1. I was just watching the trailer of that movie. “Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry…” Does he still say this, as he did in the 80’s serial. Damn, can still remember the song that they always play each time he remembers his wife.

  2. I kind of remember the 80s serial albeit vaguely.
    I want to watch this latest one also because it has Liv Tyler and ohh I like her for some bimbo-tic reasons i.e her lips.

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