A time to bloom

Our little garden is blooming. Thanks to Mr Greenfingers aka the husband. Tried taking some pics but unfortunately, I don’t find them good enough… ‘something’ was distracting/annoying/irritating me as I tried to get the shots…

Pink Periwinkle

I am bad with floral names but I suspect this is bunga tahi ayam? I hope not!

This beauty awaits us outside our bedroom window every morning…

I like the shades of colours inside the flower itself.. Just so perfectly blended by THE GREAT artist up there.

Sky blue flowers… My favourite. I love blue… anything blue except blue moods. πŸ˜›

Purple rocket?

The very reason why I didn’t manage to concentrate and take better shots. Each time I tried, he tried to grab the camera strap/grab the camera/demanded to be carried/played with my feet or simply being annoyingly attention seeking. Grrrr… get lost Milo!


10 thoughts on “A time to bloom

  1. Heru,
    Makasih ya…

    Mr Lobo,
    A combination of both, actually πŸ™‚
    and… I cannot to leave comments on your blog. Why ah? can u make it more user friendly or not ??? πŸ˜›

  2. hey!
    my periwinkles are doing well too! but those yellow flowers..i also dunno wat they r called..for mine, the leaves were eaten up by bugs..i tried to rescue but eventually the plant cannot tahan 😦

    my other plants esp e herbs are doing good too..hehe

    and i love that blue one you have. bunga apa tu?

  3. That’s a bit strange…never had that problem before… Anyway, I have removed the word verification step… See if you can give it another try…

    Hope to see u at my site soon πŸ™‚

  4. Is,
    as the husband insisted that our yellow one is not bunga tahi ayam hehehe… it is something else i dunno the name.
    periwinkles are fuss free flowers kan.. easy to manage. We used to have slugs problems in our garden and the husband had to do slug busters at night.. by putting salt water. Alhamdulillah dah ok dah.

    I love the blue ones too… Dunno lah what’s the name.. plants all die in my hands, almost…hehe so I rather not go near them other than to take pictures…

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