Of cooking, cooker and toilet seat philosopher

We do not have a ‘dapur tong gas’ at home and have used electric cookers since we moved into this house in December 07. Then one of the appliances, a hot plate cooker thingy from a cheap brand I just grabbed from TESCO gave up on me just after 4 months. And a friend introduced me to the induction cooker. Something really new for me but I am willing to try.

Image taken from here.

I don’t know if it is any good. Or will it be an added value to my cooking. Or will it kaput on me just like the cheap hotplate. But I need to cook and so, I will give this machine a go. Looks so sophisticated….but to be honest, I am just comfortable with a normal gas stove. Maybe when we move to the next house…

On another note, the husband last night said he cannot be bothered to read blogs. He rather read books written by real philosophers. Many blogs are written by toilet seat philosophers, he said.

Toilet seat philosophers???? heh πŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “Of cooking, cooker and toilet seat philosopher

  1. some of my best works were born while on the throne pbfthhh…

    he is right of course.

  2. Nazrah,
    I usually read on the throne kekek ya so I did some inspirations from there too, like you.
    I guess he not being in facebook do not know yet the number of ahli falsafah jamban churn out with each passing day… πŸ˜›

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