The Big O

I’m talking about Obama lah…

Was reading this month’s edition of Reader’s Digest this morning during the process of No.2 and Obama is the man of the issue. It tells the story of his family and his dedication to his mum, who died of ovarian cancer. His mum, who did her Phd in anthropology in Indonesia and married a Java man Soetoro, later on in life amiably divorced from Soetoro because he was getting a bit too westernized for her, while she is becoming more Javanese’

In today’s online papers I managed to surf through just now, the anglo Americans are making this particular part an issue with his prospect of becoming the new American President. That he had a Muslim past and his middle name is Hussein. His mother married a Muslim Javanese and stayed in Indonesia.

…..I would just say, errr, so?


10 thoughts on “The Big O

  1. His middle name’s Hussein??? wow… You learn something new every day…

    Wonder if the rednecks are gonna make a connection to the deposed Iraqi leader, and then say he owns weapons of mass destruction…

  2. Hehehe, it’s funny in Indonesia there’s this call to support Obama (by facebook, by cook club, and coffee discssion) simply because he was once lived here and perceived as one of ‘us’, which is totally irrelevant in my opinion.

    If he were to be elected I doubt it would make a difference for Indonesia. I don’t remember him ever questioned the travel warning on indonesia. He has also never been a part of the congressional caucus on Indonesia. He also have a stance to nuke Pakistan, iirc. Not long ago he swore allegiance to Knesset in Israel, which is fair enough as all candidates do the same.

    However, I think it could be good for America if he gets elected as POTUS. Anything but Bush will be a big improvement and John McCain and his compatriots everyday increasingly to be similar scenario as Bush part III if you read the link below: ( ).

  3. and that poor guy had this “good” friend back then, who is about ready to hang all and haberdashery about O’s childhood antics in indonesia.

  4. ya i read his bio in the papers once. think his background makes him seem to be one of the more in exposed to the rest of the world and culture compared to other nominees. i hope i am right.

  5. Is,
    I hope u are right too, cause I agree with you.
    But rednecks have a different perspective of what they deem as ‘worldly’, no?

  6. I used to be in the same school back in the 70s. We lived in the same kampong. Day in and day out I saw him with his mommy (back then her white skin with his ‘very’ black skin were not a common sight) passing by our house.

    Yet, I cannot place his current face with the one I used to know ๐Ÿ™‚ . It’s been ages since he was here.
    And I believe he will also remember ‘very’ little about Jakarta and Indonesia. Then, I won’t expect much of him to do anything concerning Indonesia.

  7. Frans,
    Wow, at least u can claim that hey, I went to school with Obama. Who would have thought that boy you see passing by your house would one day determine ( or not ) if more Iraqis/Palestinians/Syrians etc gets killed ?

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