Oil, Coffee or Me ?

Trying to ignore the issue of petrol price increase is like trying to close an eye to the elephant trampling on your vegetable patch in the front lawn. Everywhere, people talk/groan/curse/yelp/whine about it. The only person I know with a nonchalant attitude about it is the husband. Not that we are filthy rich to be able to afford any price of oil. In fact we were even considering riding the car ala The Flintstones. But he, being the quite recently (ex) oil man himself, simply shrugged it off with the I-saw-it-coming-all-along-cause-i-was-in-the-industry attitude.

Somehow, I can feel that my trusty yellow bicycle will be in use more often now. And that is good. I have ( lots of ) flabs to shed. There is always a tiny positive way to look at bleak things, no ?

From oil to coffee. I have never been one to be associated with coffee. I am more of a tea drinker. And I collect teas. You name it, I may most likely have it. I even have chili-chocolate tea in my larder now. However, this past week since last Saturday, I have been feeling really, really low. I have no idea why and nothing concrete to pin point the reason to it. And I have this suddenly bad craving for coffee. From a not coffee drinker, I have tasted different kinds of brew in this week alone. I even contemplated buying myself a coffee maker and wow, that’s news. Am I betraying tea?

I am certainly not pregnant. But why this boom doom gloom mood and obsessive craving ? Beats me.


4 thoughts on “Oil, Coffee or Me ?

  1. Wow… finally I see a blog without the knee-jerk reaction to the oil price hike… I’m impressed πŸ™‚
    I think I need to repair my old bike…it’s all rusted thru… hehehe…

  2. Mr Lobo,
    when life hands you out lemons, don’t just keep cringing your face saying sour! sour!
    come on, make lemonades out of it πŸ™‚
    it quenches the thirst and u can even sell it and buy candies to sweeten your life too !

  3. M’lady,
    I graciously bow at your ever-present sunny outlook on life… (I like the French court bow) πŸ™‚

    I’m actually thinking of getting a motorbike now… hehehehe…

  4. Mr Lobo,
    A motorbike sounds good. It did cross my mind too but the idea being a minah rempit… or worse, kakak rempit ..or LAGI worse, MAKCIK rempit ( i have not crossed into that age group yet, thank God )… is oh so tidaaak !

    lol πŸ˜›

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