An Oily Issue

Last night, all we wanted to do was to get to Tesco for some KFC chicken chop ( which I found just so-so by the way ) and to meet with a friend later at Gloria Jeans for a cuppa. But, the road arteries were all badly clogged up, had the scenario been in a real human body, the heart attack would have been ugly.

It was ugly. Long queues of vehicles meandering their way to the petrol stations, all in the name of beating the clock, for at the stroke of midnight, petrol price would be up by 40%, which means at RM 2.70 per litre.

For those who understand the global market, the increase was forthcoming but for the rural/simple folks who had been promised by the then opposition parties to vote for them and they would make sure that they would decrease the petrol prices, this came as a tight slap of betrayal. My student’s personal driver, a simple old man from Kulim, Kedah asked a simple question with not so simple answer. He asked, in his thick Kedahan accent et al, that ‘Depa kata kalau kita undi depa, harga minyak bagi turun. Kami pun undi lah…La ni takdak benda pun. Makin naik adalah ! Awat jadi camni, cikgu ?’

You ask me mate? I ask who?

On a totally different note, my kittens epitomize the purest display of what I would call love. I have been observing them quite closely, especially during bedtime because they sleep with us. Each night, Seuss, the younger brother would make sure he licks Milo to sleep, paws clutching Milo’s head in a very protective manner. Once he sees that Milo is away in dreamland, only then he would find his place, usually under the husband’s armpit, for his own slumber. Sweet. Very, very sweet.


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