I’ve been tagged by Mbak Irma in my old blog but since I have moved here, I shall answer it here then.

So, 8 random facts about myself. Should be easy I reckon….

1. The best way to appease me/pujuk me/to make me feel good/lift up my spirit in a really fool proof way is to serve me nasi putih panas-panas with telur goreng and ayam goreng kunyit garam garing-garing. With Kicap Manis Habhal Cap Kipas Udang with chilli padi inside. With Pokka Ice Green Tea. You may have pissed me off to the 7th layers of the sky but I would still love you. But the nasi must be panas, the kicap must be cap Habhal and the ayam must be garing and the green tea must be Pokka. Otherwise, consider yourself dead.

2. I cannot eat a meal without chilli padi. Period. No chilli padi, no go.

3. Paternally my blood is from Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Maternally my blood is from Bayan Lepas, Penang. Born and bred on an island down South from where I am now, with a healthy dose of Javanese vocabulary peppered with loghat Uthara here and there.

4. When I was 4, my ambition was to be a cashier at Yaohan. Because I loved the ‘kaching’ sound.

5. I am very, very, very horrendous at reading management. I get distracted very easily so I can be reading 6 different book titles at any period of time. Of course I finish all of them but sometimes, Dumbledore seems to appear in Terengganu with Awang Goneng and Ayat-ayat Cinta seem to be set in Latin America– you get the idea…

6. I want to open up a goreng pisang stall in Spain.

7. I like to eat and I love food and I don’t care if I don’t have a figure like Kate Moss.

8. My favourite actor is Rahim Razali. The movie ABANG in the 80s was my IT movie.

So let’s see,

Can I tag The Nordic Convert, Isnarti and Rozas on this ?


5 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….kenapaaaa????? oh well, it will be fun to do, and I guess, it gives me something to write about.

    After school finishes, eh?

  2. Now I got some more pieces to put your complete profile. Really love your postings but, at times, I cannot help wondering who you are. Not that it is very important but knowing more the one you talk to will add value, I guess.

    I love chilli padi, too. But lately I have to watch out for this little thing because my doctor tell me so (got some stomach problem that needs to be fixed).

    Thanks for sharing

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