A jolly ( very ) good fellow

The husband and I were invited to the book launch of TAWHID and SCIENCE by the author himself, who also happens to be someone supervising and teaching the husband for his postgrad work. It was held at the Royal Selangor Club. I must have passed that building so many times and have never been in it. This morning, however, we made our way to the colonial building for the first time.

Tawhid and Science the 1st Edition has been used extensively as a textbook in many American universities post 911 and have gained its footing in many other Islamic countries as well. Today we saw the launch of the 2nd Edition of Tawhid and Science and also the opening speech by Emeritus Professor Osman Bakar himself. This book is in addition to many he has written.

For someone who was born in a small village in Temerloh and have come this far in his scholarly work, his humility makes one feel so tiny in his presence.

Sometimes I asked the husband how he could do it, spending 5 days a week being in the likes of Prof Osman Bakar and Dr Uthman Elmuhammadi etc and not feel so small and stupid. Because each time I am in their presence and listening to them, I felt smaller than a speck of dust, stupider than stupid and kept thinking how they managed to be so full of knowledge and still keep their humility to the lowest of low.

To which, the husband often say that during his first semester studying under them, he always felt as though his brain is being cracked opened with a laser beam, and he felt as though he has never known anything. Somehow, now I began to understand why Shih Huang Ti, when he wanted to take over the whole of China fully long time ago, the first thing he ordered for was to bury all scholars alive and burn all their books. Them scholars, with the power of their God given knowledge, their pens are mightier than the swords.

And to think there are still breeds of them here in Malaysia, Malays from humble backgrounds to begin with. May God bless them.


2 thoughts on “A jolly ( very ) good fellow

  1. I actually enjoy being among scholars. A name you should look out for is Dr. Kamal Helbawy. You can learn a lot from him. Really captivating speaker who has the ability to reach out to the young ones.

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