Joy and Laughter

Right after we came back from Miri in April, our friend gave us these two kittens, barely 3 months plus, just after they weaned off their mummy. As I have written in this blog then, they were frightened and yearned for their mum. But now, at almost 5 months old and almost 2 months of being our babies, they look very happy and we are very, very happy.

No Peter and Jane story I have here, rather, it’s Milo and Seuss… πŸ™‚

The elder of the twin, Milo. Very elder child syndrome this one. Takes charge and responsibility and listens to instructions. Very abang-abang.

The very, very manja younger brother. Sweet like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunk but quite an airhead too. Follow his brother around all the time and copies whatever Milo does. Seuss here in contemplation…

Bruders Grimm ? πŸ˜›

‘Can’t a kitten poo in peace without the paparazi please?’ says Seuss

Twins must sleep together.


8 thoughts on “Joy and Laughter

  1. cutenya!!! if only i can have cats at home. jamot is cute and fat too but he is too silent. lol!

  2. Cute nya…always been a cat lover. We had 2 cats so far during my singlehood days but when I was in my mid 30’s , I am suddenly allergic to cats.. …hidung & mata berair…then lastly…..wheezing..sigh!

  3. finally im able to see them!

    milo looks a bit ‘garang’ while seuss looks a bit more ‘docile’.

    enjoy ur kittens! πŸ˜€

  4. zieha,
    yes, Milo is the dependable type. While with Seuss, he just runs all over the place like everywhere is a playground πŸ™‚

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