Give me more Gilmore

Got them at Rm 4 per disc at Penang’s Batu Ferringhi’s Pasar Malam. I am talking about the full Season 5 of Gilmore Girls. I can’t help but love the series for its witty dialogue and of course, Lorelai’s relationship with her mother Emily Gilmore is more or less like me and my own mum. The bickers, the disagreements, the whole shebang of i-know-what-is-best-for-you-because-i-am-your-mother her versus the this-is-my-life-so-let-it-be me.

Sometimes I wonder had she been not so anal about everything and anything else during my growing years, would I have been as rebellious as I had been then ? Would our relationship been better?

Well, it is indeed better now. Like the cliche goes, absence makes the heart grows fonder. I guess our relationship improved by leaps and bounds when we stayed away from each other. Like Lorelai and Emily Gilmore, I guess.

Unbelievably, I managed to get the husband hooked on the series as well. Now that‘s my achievement for this week. heh 😛


10 thoughts on “Give me more Gilmore

  1. another gilmore fan!
    i managed to hunt down seasons 1 thru’ 5. wondering now when (or if) they’d ever bring in 6 & 7… dum dee dum 😉

  2. rosaz,
    go for a vacation to penang with your lappy. get the whole series at rm 4 per disc and lock urself in the hotel room. i swear it’s worth it ..heh 😛

    ok i know who to sms before i leave for my next trip to penang 😛
    did u say season 6 and 7 ? consider it done girl, insya allah…

    the nordic convert,
    i cant remotely identify lorelai’s relationship with her daughter rory at all, because my mum and i bicker all the time like lorelai and her mum emily. hence it kind of strike a familiar chord there somewhere for me 😛

  3. and yeah..i remember kat feringgi pasar malam mmg bleh dapat all e lanun vcds n kan!

  4. Gilmore girls huh..I used to watch it too.

    Somehow I graduated and am now into Desperate Housewives. My siblings said because I can relate to housewives better, especially desperate ones! Cheh.

    BTW, I can totally relate with your question. About the rebellious bit. Oh yeah, would it? Things you just might never knew the answer to.

  5. Is,
    very best! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next trip to Penang since now I know which stall has good quality lanun dvd 😛

  6. Zieha
    Somehow I cannot relate to Desperate Housewives… Susan is funny and I love her character but I find Gilmore Girls easier to swallow 😛

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