Line clear! Line clear!

I have never been a fan of anything curry. I can eat them but I just don’t fancy them. Hence I think before last Sunday, the last time I had Nasi Kandar was almost 20 years ago when I followed mum back to Penang to see her family.

But I have heard of this really old and famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear. And somehow before we made the drive back down, I just HAD to give it a try after everyone who knows Penang that I know talks about this place.

We got lost looking for it. Went round and round for more than an hour until we gave up and the husband got out and asked a really old man by the street where this Nasi Kandar Line Clear is. He said it is near Panggung Odeon on Penang Road. We must have been on that road gazillion times before but couldn’t find it. This time round, we really looked and there it was…

When we arrived, the husband looked at me and asked, ‘ Would you eat at this place? ‘ I just shrugged and judging at the long queue we saw, I thought cleanliness can take a back seat for this time. Just this time…

And I had my Nasi Kandar, eaten with hand soaked in curry. Everyone was right. It was darn good !

This little corner on its own is very amusing. The mamaks communicate with one another with just shouting LINE CLEAR ! If one of them wanted to say he has taken order, he would shout to another LINE CLEAR ! If drinks were ready and needed to be collected from the counter, another mamak would shout LINE CLEAR ! And when we have paid and this mamak wanted to call for the next customer, he would shout LINE CLEAR ! Everything is LINE CLEAR !

And one mamak goes around calculating customer’s bills with a chalkboard. After he did his calculations, he would shout to the one at the counter with, guess what? LINE CLEAR !


4 thoughts on “Line clear! Line clear!

  1. 🙂
    It still has its charm though very different from the one I knew as a child.
    Very soon this island up north will pretty much look and be like the island down south where I came from 😛

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  3. Hahaha … line clear in my mind would be a scout informing some band of thieves to tip toe inside a bank vault.

    Anyway … yum … I like curry. Fatty but delightful 🙂

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