There are things here which I still find very hard to understand.

For example,

Why do the Malays, while sticking strictly to 5 times daily prayers, fasting, zakat and other requirements of Islam– to show that they believe that there is no God but Allah, BUT when things do go wrong, they go to see Mr Bomoh?

So when they pray and all that, where hence did their faith lie in? In Allah? Or is Allah the last resort, so go to bomoh first and THEN finally to Allah? Isn’t bomoh just a man like any of us? And the only thing he does is to play with jinns for the whole of their supernatural shebang? And the jinns…aren’t they supposed to be lower than us human beings who are given Aql’ i.e the thinking and the power of rationale and reflections ?

What I really don’t understand is, people who call themselves educated ( belajar kat England, you..! ), successful ( syarikat-syarikat tu semua I yang punya ), religious ( eh dah naik haji 3 kali.. semua guna Tabung Haji exclusive package ! ), knowledgeable ( eh I pergi kelas fardhu ain Ustazah nih tau..semua orang yang I kenal gi dengan I sekali ), globalised ( holiday ni I pi Paris tau.. last year dah ajak anak-anak gi US punya Disneyland )….. alas, when the going gets tough…. masuk kampung jugak cari bomoh.

Are they joking or are they a joke themselves? If no one understands whatever I am trying to point out, no worries, I have been baffled with this phenomena since I moved here, which I am still trying to figure out myself.

My point is, if you say you believe in God, then believe that HE is your all in one problem solver. Not Mr Bomoh… that is syirik, get it?


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