Pi Uthara

Seuss is in front of me, playing with the Big Apple Donut’s receipt. He is obsessed with receipts. If he finds any, he can play with it for hours until it is receipt no more but shredded pieces of paper laden with his saliva.

The week has passed really quickly. Weekend is coming yet again. My personal week has been quite well-managed and many things got done.

Our weekend will be up north, insya Allah. Mum asked us to represent her and Bapak to her cousin’s son’s wedding in Bayan Lepas, Penang. Meaning, my 2nd cousin, whom I didn’t even know existed. Up north in Penang, I know some relatives, I don’t know most. The ones I do know, speak to me in standard Malay because they know if they speak Bahasa Uthara to me, they would lose me in 30 seconds. But I love going back to Penang. My Tok Teh was the exco of Wanita UMNO Pulau Pinang. When I was younger, I used to watch RTM news back home and sometimes when there were snippets of Persidangan UMNO or any of their events and I would be able to see her, with her tudung ala Sharizat with the jambul peeking out conspicously, with matching shoes and handbag. And I would scream to mum to come to the tv with TOK TEH ! TOK TEH !

Oh well… let’s see what she has to say about this week’s big news causing the Tsunami in UMNO.


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