Yet again?

After this, I thought we more or less settled we have a boy and a girl for kittens. But since last week, we yet again found out we were wrong. Milo is indeed a boy ! So instead of two twin sisters-kittens like what we were initially told, we then thought we had a boy and a girl and now, finally hoping to confirm that Milo is an alpha male in the making.

Hai….tsk tsk tsk

Today I forced myself not to go back to sleep after subuh and I realised that once I do that, things DO get done, all in one day. 5 loads of laundry ? check! Clean toilets? check ! Vacuum cleaned house? check! Teaching? check! A clean kitchen? check! Fresh home-cooked dinner? check! Readings? check! and finally… errr blogging? check ! check ! check !

It’s weird but Dr Mahathir leaving UMNO somehow gave me an adrenalin rush.


3 thoughts on “Yet again?

  1. Surely, getting up earlier will gain you more time to go over the tasks at hand.

    Add a ‘little victory’ to it, you’ll gain more. I usually get up early and try to ‘win a little victory’ before my routine (e.g. going to work). That ‘little victory’ usually is small ‘achievement’ such as helping my kids with their preparation going to school (which is not my routine), or slip a small loving note for my wife. The good feeling it brings, most of the time, will really make my day.

  2. Frans,
    Thanks, will take not of my own little victories 🙂


    Exactly ! and here I was wondering why they are BOTH so naughty… 2 boys! no wonder lah..

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