Dah Benci Kot?

The husband was a bit late and I was left waiting outside the Iraqi Embassy after my replacement class at Goethe today. The Iraqi Embassy, which is right across the small street from the Goethe Institute has bigger and more shady trees for me to seek refuge from the ‘5 pm but still quite glaring sun’. I was standing at the entrance reading a book when the big gate opened and an old Iraqi man came out, asking me do I need to go in?

I was a bit startled, then he pointed to the top of the gate to a quite hidden camera, from where he was watching me from. I was wearing a flowy black abaya and my back was facing the camera while my head was bent down in deep concerntration in my book. I must have appeared to him an Iraqian lady in distress from the monitor inside his office πŸ˜› … I told him I am a student from Goethe and waiting for my husband to pick me up. He went oohh ohhh ok ok.. then walked in. In a while the husband came and amongst the first thing he blurted out was the news that was just blared from the radio that Dr Mahathir has left UMNO.

My mind went back to the 2006 saga. While the world was immersed by Dan Brown‘s Da Vinci Code and its movie, Dr M did a lashing on the then cabinet ministers calling them Pak Lah‘s chorus boys. And the tongue in cheek ever creative Malaysian press had in their headlines, with Pak Lah and Dr M’s picture in the front page with headlines screaming ‘ Dah Benci Kot ??? ‘, something that still tickles me to this very day because after all, weren’t Pak Lah and his chorus boys were cabinet ministers of his ( Dr M’s ) choice? Dah nyanyuk kot? πŸ˜›

And so he accepted the dare to leave UMNO, the party he was a founding member of. Again, it looks like things are just getting more and more dramatic in the political playground here. I pity those political science students who are doing essay term papers in lieu of all the volatile happenings here. I remember a long time ago a friend had to change her whole essay which she was ready to hand in about 48 hours before the deadline, only to find her essay irrelevant because Anwar Ibrahim was arrested a few hours later.


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