The spicy taste of Victory

Narnia 2 about the Prince of Caspian is quite good. Not fantastic but it caught my attention during last night’s midnight show. The husband was trying to decide Iron Man or Narnia2 or that Drillbit Taylor. None would matter to me cause if I had my choice, I would go for an INDIE film but the French Film Festival is just over. But I really didn’t want to watch Iron Man as I am always not in the mood for any of the crash boom bang hollywood thing and at last, he decided on Narnia2.

I didn’t go back to my home town but was enjoying hot piping Arab Street’s Victory Murtabak for lunch. How come? Oh well.. for the swell reason that Victory Restaurant opened their branch in Subang Jaya behind the Taipan Mosque. Let’s see if Zam Zam Restaurant will follow suit. But really, this revelation has made many of us really, really happy. What with Teak 5 and now Victory ? Can things get any better? Maybe yes, if Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant from Jalan Pisang opens a branch here too. 😛

….and OH!!! I just realised this is my 100th post. 😛


2 thoughts on “The spicy taste of Victory

  1. Y don’t u sound out the people at Hajjah Maimunah – maybe u hold the franchise keh something like that? Open the first branch kat PJ?

  2. I wish !!! :))
    But it is an idea though but I rather not be the one knowing how nomadic our lifestyle is, it will close shop each time we have to move 😛

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