Today we found out that in about 3 weeks or so, Goethe Institute Kuala Lumpur will be moving into a new building in some menara near the American Embassy. That’s kind of sad to hear because their present premise in Jalan Langgak Golf is very cosy and for the past 1.5 years I have spent my time as a struggling student learning the German language, have been a very rustic experience. In an old colonial bungalow with surrounded by big trees, it made learning that anal language less of a mechanical experience, the adjective I would best describe the German language and the Germans in general.

Looks like this semester’s exams is going to be in that new building. But then our Lehrerin ( teacher ) has informed us that the land and the bungalow still belongs to Germany so students are allowed to park the car in the premise for free and take a short walk to the menara ‘something’ ( I can’t even remember the name of the building ).

Image taken from here.

The present Goethe Institute.

The current bungalow is old so deemed not so safe for classes and activities to be going on. But in it, students, teachers, librarian, admin staff, cleaner, guards and the nasi lemak lady became friends. So aufwiedersehen….the warmth will be sorely missed.


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