Morning mail

5.20 am. I just had my sahur, as I planned to pay back the days I missed fasting from last year’s Ramadan. The soft and soothing recitation of the Quranic verses forms my background music as I am typing this, coming from the nearby mosque. Very soon, I will hear the azan for subuh being called.

This moment I am experiencing is, but a very distance past back in my hometown. The call of azan has been limited to be muffled within the mosque. Meaning if your house is barely a metre away from the mosque, you still cannot hear the azan–at all. You have to be in the mosque to hear it. The azan has been banned from being heard by the public for reasons that not everyone appreciates having their day disrupted with the call of the azan which lasts barely 2 min each call. Funny they mentioned that, for as far as I can remember, during the funeral processions and hungry ghost festivals of the ruling people there, their loud ‘cymballic’ music, lion dance and funeral bands play all the way to 10 pm at night from the start of the evening. It lasts for hours. Not everyone apprieciates that either but, yeah… it is allowed while a 2 min azan is banned.

I await the moment Malaysia goes into that direction. Till then, I savour this moment of being able to hear the tadarus Quran from the mosque in the soothing wee hours of the morning.

It’s funny. When a homosexual wants to be a prick about his sexual orientation, the world cry human rights for him. There are causes for individuals to be a prick about anything and everything they believe in, be it the right to freedom of speech or the right to be gay, the right to read any books, the right to speak against the government etc etc etc. But when those who believe  in the existence of God want their right too, they have been told not to be a prick about it.

I guess, the bandwagon of double standards is far too irresistable not to take a ride from.


One thought on “Morning mail

  1. Don’t la wait for Malaysia to go to that direction.

    Wait for good things, perhaps a session of spa with me 😉

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