Sur mes lèvres am meine Samstag

‘ So you gonna blog about it? ‘ asked the husband.

I missed my German class this morning by choice. The husband woke up with high fever and bad flu which he had since last night. So I thought I’d just give the class a miss and stay home with him. After all, today is mock test day and I think I should be able to catch up on what I missed. He offered to help me with my lesson, which I am quite wary about. The last time he helped me with my grammar homework I got half of it wrong, to which the counter rationale I got was, ‘Hey, not all Malays have perfect tatabahasa too right ? ‘ hrrrmmph.

In the afternoon he felt he had enough of rest and decided to go on and teach. After his class, in the late afternoon I told him I was going for the French Film Festival and would see him at home later. Still not wanting to stay and just lie down, he decided to come along to watch Sur mes lèvres with me, a decision which I think he regretted.

Image taken from here.

Sur mes lèvres or Read My Lips is in summary about Carla and Paul. There have been good and even raving reviews about this film but personally, I found it a bit haphazard. Yes, the Machiavellian theme intended by the director is inherent throughout the film but character appearances and plot didn’t jive in a sleek manner. Sometimes a character appear out of no where and we were left to wonder what is his/her role actually? The husband didn’t enjoy it for his own reasons and also because I could feel his body getting hotter throughout the time he was in the theater. But we both found the film a drag, with the ‘come on, get on with the plot’ restlessness.

The whole theater had a good laugh though when the nude scene appeared, censorship method was a bit antique. The guy in the projection room up there simply placed a piece of paper in front of the projector to block the scene and all of us could actually see the paper and his fingers blocking the screen !

So yes, husband… I am going to blog about it and I just did 🙂

On a totally different note altogether, as I was waiting for the lift, there was a local Malay girl whose arm was dangling on her matsalleh boyfriend. When she spoke, she sounded very Malay, despite the thick undefined accent which she tried really hard to maintain but there are people like me whom she couldn’t fool. 😛 Her features are very Malay too, but her hair is blonder and her eyes are even bluer than my mother-in-law’s. While taking into account her hard work and the tremendous amount of effort and money she puts in to be whiter than white, I can’t help but wonder, why lah ?

And on another different note, we had lunch at our favorite cafe. I didn’t know what to eat already from the quite fancy list of menu they had. So I asked the lady to fry for me some chicken wings in garam and kunyit, ceplok an egg for me ( telur ceplok is the Javanese version of telur mata lembu ) and serve those two with hot white rice and kicap with cili padi in it. I think I had the best lunch today. Kepak ayam goreng garing-garing, telur ceplok and nasi panas with kicap cili padi. Gerek sey.

Sometimes, I wonder to myself. Being literally at the doorstep of the world’s cuisines and all halal too, why is that nasi panas and kicap and telur/ayam goreng gave me the happiest feeling and the biggest smile after the meal?


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